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2020 Western AG Yield Maximisation Challenge

This year Western AG have established 4 Yield Max Challenge (YMC) sites across the wider Western AG network.


The YMC is a vehicle for the Western AG agronomists, together with key suppliers and local growers to strive further in our mission of increased profitability and productivity. The YMC allows us to see what the yield potential could be if we push the crops that little bit further than what otherwise might be not be “perceived” as commercially viable. We hope to create discussion within the wider ag community as we want farmers to recognise that Western AG are at the forefront of pushing crop yields in their local areas.


The site in Bordertown is located on Ted and Bill Langley’s property with Adelaide-Melbourne Highway frontage. We have a 20ha slice in a 160ha paddock, whereby throughout the course of the 3 year rotation of Canola – Wheat – Beans our goal is to consistently target for higher yields.


This years crop is canola, It was planted on 25th April to 45Y93CL. Below is a list of the key treatments we have made to the YMC area vs standard farmer practice.

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 10.38.56

Observations of the trial this season so far –

We have seen no response to the extra 80kg of Single Super or the premium slug and snail bait Transcend.


We found moderate levels of Blackleg in crop at 6 leaf stage and decided to spray the crop in the trial area with Prosaro. Under normal circumstances this would not be done as it will be likely sprayed with Aviator at 20% Flowering.


Within a week, the line as to where the Prosaro was applied was clearly visible. Currently the key differences in paddock 7 weeks after Prosaro application are –

  • Shorter Crop Height- approx 6 inches less height in growth.

  • Much less blackleg lesions. The untreated has blackleg lesions on more than 50% of all leaves

  • Deeper dark green colour clearly visible upon inspection


Currently the weather is giving us a bit of a dry spell. The original target was to aim for 4t/ha of canola. This would require another spread of 100-120kg of Urea. The final decision on this will be made based on August Rainfall. If you have any further questions regarding this year’s Western AG YMC Please contact your local Western AG agronomist. Final yield results and treatments for all YMC sites will be published in this years 2020 Western AG ‘Informed’ technote.

Article produced by - Nathan Tink, Western AG Bordertown

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