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Precision AG Options For Your Cropping Operation

Western AG’s recent collaboration with key Precision AG services provides growers with the tools to increase farming production.

There are currently numerous Precision AG services on the market for farm adoption. How do we distinguish between these services? - Western AG have been working hard to find the right product to suit our clients and the environment they work in. A lot of competitors are offering north American/Canadian based products which we believe aren’t accurate enough for the variable soil type and environment in which our clients farm. With this in mind, Western AG has tailored a more localised precision AG service offering for growers to help improve farming production.


Western AG has recently announced a collaboration with Precision Agriculture which is a locally based PA service provider in Ballarat. They are a leader in Precision AG servicing, through collecting, measuring and interpreting data to deliver savings and unlock farming potential. We are using them for grid sampling and EM38 mapping as well as any strategic topsoil and deep N testing. Their service will form the base ground truthing layers essential for us to be able to do any variable rate application. After grid soil mapping a property, we can accurately provide variable rate application. Variable rate application types include; lime, gypsum, Phosphorus and Potassium.


Another exciting Western AG collaboration is with Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) which is a cloud-based platform that allows us to import, clean, present and analyse in field data from our clients farms. They are an independently owned and operated software company developing specialised Precision AG data solutions. They will help us make more informed decision based on farm analytics gathered through yield maps, grid soil maps, satellite imagery (NDVI) and application data from farm machinery. Their service will allow us to produce prescription maps for variable rate application as well as setting up trial strips in paddocks for any RD&E work.


PCT has direct links with JDlink which enables automatic data importing, reducing the risk of any potential data loss during the harvest season. This also allows the ability to push prescription maps into farm machinery from the office. In addition to this, PCT also talks directly with Agworld which is currently being used to manage all our paddock and cropping plan data for our clients. This will allow the agronomist to view any yield maps from the one interface whilst crop scouting.

By combining PCT with Precision Agriculture we believe we can provide our clients with a solid package which includes accurate ground truthing as well as a platform capable of interpreting any farm analytics. Western AG endeavours to provide these services to our clients to help increase farming production.


For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of the Western AG team


Photo 1: Examples of variable rate application Maps through grid sampling.

Article produced by - Sam Gabbe, Western AG Horsham

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