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Business Update

Western AG has recently made significant investments to widen the types of services available to growers, to enhance the delivery of existing services and to expand the network of store locations.


A good example of a new type of service being made available is Planfarm Advisory. Planfarm Advisory is an independent business recently formed to provide farm business profitability analysis, budgeting, and strategy development services for better farm management. Planfarm Advisory is linked to Planfarm which is the largest Farm Business Consulting service provider operating in WA. Western AG has supported the starting up of Planfarm Advisory after identifying a need for these types of services in Southeast Australia.


Western AG is always looking at ways to improve the delivery of existing services. The supply disruptions cause by COVID over the last two and half years has meant that we need to order inputs in advance and manage higher stocking levels to ensure reliable supply. Our investments in the logistics area of the business include a new storage facility at our Derrinallum branch, three new trucks for on farm deliveries and additional team members to ensure our operations run smoothly.


Figure 1. Derrinallum Warehouse

Our ongoing investment in training staff is significant. Recently 25 members of the Western AG Agronomy Team travelled to medium and high rainfall areas of Western Australia. The reason was to look at how large farming business are operated and the management of herbicide resistance and crop nutrition in that environment. The group was also able to view a wide range of research trials. The findings from this trip have been significant and will be transferable in the advice being provided to clients.


We are also able to update clients on the opening of two new locations. Western AG Benalla opened in March this year and a new location is being developed in Millicent which will open soon. Both locations will be supported by dedicated Agronomists and Animal Health and General Merchandise Specialists.


Figure 2. Millicent Branch development

Article produced by - Phil Hawker, Western AG Ballarat

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