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2019 Season Update


Welcome to our final edition of Western AG eNote for this year. We hope you have found the information useful and easy to access. The eNote is an important medium for us to update clients on the latest production information and we have plans to make it even better next year.


At the time of writing we are getting early information on crop and hay yields from South East South Australia (SE, SA) and across to the Wimmera areas of Victoria. Canola yields have ranged from 1.5t to 3t/ha with higher than average oil content. Unfortunately, there has been reports of losses of up to 700kg/ha in canola from strong winds in the third week of November particularly in standing crops. Barley yields have been in the order of 2.5-4.5t/ha, with the better crops in SE/SA still to be harvested. Unfortunately some crops have also been impacted by wind.

Vetch and oaten hay crops in the Wimmera have been yielding in the order of 4t and 7t/ha respectively. The cooler finish to the season has resulted in higher than expect canola and cereal crop yields, however faba bean crop yields have been lower than expected, which has been in the range of 1.5-2.5t/ha.


Small areas of canola have been harvested in South West Victoria and crops have been yielding in excess of 2.5t/ha so far. Oaten hay crops have been exceptional with reports as high as 12t/ha yields. Favourable rainfall for the months of October and November and relatively frost and heat stress free conditions is resulting in some wheat and canola crops having yields as high as 8t and 3.5t/ha respectively.


On the marketing front, clients are reporting hay and feed grain is moving off farm very quickly reflecting sustained demand from drought affected areas. Factors such as a continued drought conditions in NSW and Queensland, a reduced Western Australia crop and reports of worsening winter wheat crops in the US and Europe has some grain traders forecasting wheat and barley pricing is likely to firm in the new year.


In closing, Southern Victoria and SE/SA are likely to experience a combination of above average production levels and commodity prices this year. However, our thoughts need to be with farmers in other parts of the country that are not as fortunate, suffering severe drought conditions.


We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and families a successful years end, a safe and happy Christmas and a productive 2020.


Thank you for the support you have given our business and we look forward to working with you into the future.

Article produced by - Phil Hawker, Western AG Derrinallum

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