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New Products and Chemistry Pipeline for 2020

2020 brings with it a whole raft of new chemistry hitting the market targeting a variety of our hard to kill weeds and diseases. Some of these products have already received approval from the APVMA whilst some have registrations pending. Below is a brief description of the new products that are likely to be available in the new year and how they are likely to perform against our current standards.

SYNGENTA - Saltro Duo

Saltro Duo (Active Constituent: 200 g/L Pydiflumetofen (Group 7 Fungicide) + 25 g/L Fludioxonil + 10 g/L Metalaxyl-M (Group 4 and 12 Fungicide)) is a Co-pack formulation of Saltro + Maxim XL in the form of a seed applied fungicide treatment targeting early blackleg in canola. The addition of Maxim XL in this co-formulation targets damping off and other common cool climate root diseases. Registration for this product is expected early 2020 with its performance on blackleg over the past 2-3 years in Western AG trials showing fantastic results when compared with current industry standard Jockey Stayer. Saltro Duo does not affect hypocotyl length therefore has excellent crop establishment performance. This along with BASF's iLevo blackleg seed treatment, are set to be the new industry standards superseding Jockey Stayer for reasons primarily based around crop establishment and performance on blackleg control.

SYNGENTA - Callisto

Callisto is a novel, broad-spectrum herbicide to control wild radish, sow thistle, fleabane, capeweed, double gee, lesser loosestrife & shepard's purse in wheat and barley. This product is applied pre-emergent Incorporated By Sowing (IBS) and offers 6-10 weeks residual activity.  

Callisto will step into a market previously dominated by Logran & Diuron with pre-emergent broadleaf control becoming increasingly important as early spraying windows continue to be tough. Registration is planned for 2020.

BAYER – Sakura Flow

No more weighing out granules, now in a flowable formula for easier use and mixing, offering the same in paddock performance as granulated Sakura.

Pre-emergent, Group K Herbicide, for grass control in chickpeas, field peas, lentils, lupins, triticale and wheat (not durum wheat), controlling annual ryegrass, barley grass, annual phalaris, silver grass and toad rush, also providing suppression of brome grass (Bromus diandrus only) and wild (black) oats.


BASF - ILevo

ILevo (Active Constituent: Fluopyram 380FS (Group 7 Fungicide)) has recently been registered as a seed treatment targeting control of blackleg infection during seedling stage.  

This product has no influence on hypocotyl shortening and thus better crop establishments, one of its main advantages over current industry standard Jockey Stayer. This along with Saltro Duo are the new standards for early blackleg control in canola. Western Ag are currently planning demonstration trials in 2020 across our footprint to illustrate the performance of this product against Saltro Duo and Jockey Stayer.  


BASF - Luximax

Luximax herbicide is a pre-emergent for use in wheat (NOT BARLEY) providing annual ryegrass control to match industry standards of control whilst equipping growers with a new unique mode of action.

This unique mode of action offers more options for chemical rotation, helping to strengthen existing integrated weed management strategies and provides up to 12 weeks’ residual control of annual ryegrass - including biotypes resistant to existing herbicide modes of action groups such as Groups D, J and K.  

Crop safety MUST be considered when using this product with strict guidelines around seeding depth seeder setup. Crop selectivity is achieved through separation of the seed from the herbicide treated band. Planting equipment should be set up to ensure seed is planted well below the treated band. Use knife points and press wheels to provide good separation of herbicide and closure of the planting row.

Western Ag will be demonstrating this along with other new pre-emergents compared to industry standards with an emphasis on crop safety.


BASF - Frequency

The expected release of Frequency® Herbicide in time for use in 2020 wheat, barley and durum crops will give growers new chemistry, to help manage problem broadleaf weeds with plenty of tank-mix options to manage resistance issues. 

Post-emergent Group H herbicide applied at 2nd leaf to 2nd node stage of wheat and barley to control broadleaf weeds including wild radish, capeweed, bifora, fleabane, sow thistle, wireweed and climbing buckwheat.

Applied with hasten at 1% and a range of tank mix partners (eg. bromoxynil or MCPA) which can be dialled up according to the target weed situation. 

6 week plant back for wheat (including durum) and barley, and a 4 month plant back for canola, faba beans, chickpea and field peas.

Steps into the market offering flexibility in tank mix partners for broadleaf/radish control allowing rotation of chemistry and giving strength and power to make decisions on chemistry mixes. 

ADAMA – Ultro

Ultro (Group E Herbicide) is a new mode of action, pre-emergent herbicide for pulses, to control known resistant strains of grass weeds with registration planned for 2021.

Broad spectrum grass herbicide, for the control of annual ryegrass, brome grass and barley grass, with good activity on winter grass, phalaris, silver grass, volunteer barley and volunteer wheat. Some broad leaf suppression of buckwheat, wireweed, chickweed and speedwell.

Compatible with most knockdown products and other pre-emergents, such as Mentor and Simazine for broad leaf weed control. Ultro looks to be a good fit in pulse crops offering new chemistry to rotate away from commonly used grass pre-emergents in pulses.

ADAMA – Topnotch

Topnotch is a unique combination fungicide for control of foliar diseases in barley and wheat. It’s showing stronger results in barley then wheat for key leaf diseases. Contains two highly effective actives (200g/L Azoxystrobin and 200g/L Propiconazole) with distinctly different modes of action (Group 3 and 11 Fungicides), for improved spectrum, efficacy and resistance management.

Registered for the control of leaf rust, net blotch (net and spot form), powdery mildew and scald in barley; and septoria nodorum blotch, septoria tritici blotch, powdery mildew, leaf rust, stem rust, stripe rust and yellow spot in wheat.

Topnotch provides systemic activity across key stages of the fungi life cycle to maximise yield potential.

Gives improved control of key fungal diseases in barley over industry standards and another rotation option in an annual fungicide strategy to manage resistance.

FMC - Overwatch

Overwatch (formally referred to as F9600) HERBICIDE is a highly anticipated pre-emergent herbicide, offering growers another useful tool to control annual ryegrass. It has long-lasting, residual control of annual ryegrass (including herbicide resistant biotypes) and regionally specific broadleaf weeds.

Its active ingredient Bixlozone is proposed to be a Group Q molecule, making it a unique weed control option in the Australian broadacre market. Overwatch Herbicide will be a pre-emergent herbicide for application as an IBS treatment in wheat, barley and canola. Weeds which are also proposed on the label for control are silver grass, bifora, sow thistle, hogweed & lesser loosestrife.

Overwatch is expected to be registered in 2020, its release anticipated for sowing 2021. Expect to see some pre-emergent demonstration trials from Western AG next year as we showcase the new pre-emergent compared to current standards.

Article produced by - Adrik Wright, Western AG Ballarat

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